Cute Baby Hat

Well it appears to have been quite a while since I posted here, so time for a bit of an update. Last year our little band of knitters (7 of us) donated 400 items to charity! What an amazing effort from all concerned! I was so very humbled and pleased to be the one to take all our items for donation, and so very proud that these women are so dedicated to helping others in our community and in the wider community as well. We donate to our local Neighbourhood House as well as to KOGO in Melbourne.

We have been blessed by some very generous members of the local public who have donated bags and bags of wonderful yarns for us to use to create our items. It’s so exciting to open up these bags and see what treasures we can find!

And of course, our local Neighbourhood House co-ordinator, Gayle, who takes lots of donations of yarn, needles and patterns for us, and continues to support our efforts. Also Karen at our local wool shop “Stitches N Things” is also very generous with donations as well.

This year we have got off to a flying start, with boxes already packed with lovely items to be taken to KOGO in Melbourne. I will update with some photos before it all leaves here.

The purpose of this post – I made this cute little baby hat today, and I am so pleased with how it turned out, and how easy it was to make. I made it this morning – probably took an hour of actual knitting, so really quick and easy. It’s done in 8ply Acrylic, so very good for donation.

It’s a free pattern from Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days range here

Have fun making one, and show us your results on our Knitting Space Group

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