Update February 2021

Been a little while since I posted here, so time for a catch up. The year is flying by so quickly! I have set myself a little challenge this year. Last year I made 30 blankets, this year I am going to try to top that number!

So progress thus far has not been monumental!

My #1 blanket for 2021 is a lovely little baby blanket, called “The Jordan Blanket” which was a joy to knit, and an easy to follow pattern. Loved the way it turned out! You can find the pattern here, free on Ravelry – The Jordan Blanket

Done in 8 ply Acrylic

Blanket #2 was another baby blanket – my own design this time. Pattern available for free if you want it, drop a comment or message to me.

Done in 8 ply Acrylic

Blanket #3 is another baby blanket, this time in lemon and is a simple basket weave pattern. Also my own design and pattern available on request.

Then I took some time out to knit up some wash cloths, in some donated cotton yarn. These are fun to knit and a great way to try a new pattern or design. I did 10 of them!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20210201_180008.jpg

This experiment, which was blanket #4, was a total disaster as you can see!! It is one of those blankets you start with a square in the middle and then pick up all the stitches and knit around the square. I believe the mistake I made, which did not become apparent until the blanket came off the needles, was that I used one size needle to create the square, but went to a size smaller to do the rest! Hence, the rather odd shape in the end! LOL! I have since pulled it all out and will attempt it again this time making sure I don’t get the needle sizes mixed up.

Pattern is here on Ravelry – Fuss Free Baby Blanket

There are also some lovely examples that look what it’s supposed to be, not my version!

Just wanted to include this sweet little baby blanket that I created last year, so not counting it in this year’s tally, but it was such a great little project and a really nice end result. The photo is a bit dark, it’s the only one I took unfortunately, but the colors were lemon, lime and soft orange. Pattern is my own design, free upon request.

Another couple from last year also. I had a bit of a “baby blanket binge” LOL!!


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