What’s On My Needles

Just as well I have multiple sets of needles!! These are my current projects.

This will be a large knee rug, or snuggle rug for a child.

Loving how this one is turning out -so bright and cheerful!

This is a Corner to Corner Adult size blanket in pinks and purple.

I call this one “Green Gables” because I started it while watching the Netflix Series of the same name. My own design, Pattern available on request.

All of these will be donated to local charity.

3 thoughts on “What’s On My Needles

    1. Hi Marion, Thanks for your interest, and message. The knee rug pattern is “Ripple Rug” and is copyright to Karen at Stitches N Things, Lakes Entrance, available at her store and I believe online also. Unfortunately I do not have permission to share the pattern. My rug is a modification of the original pattern, as I changed the colors and added the black. I have almost finished writing up the Green Gables pattern and will post it as soon as completed. 😊


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